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Commissioning Work

Have you ever wished to own an artwork created precisely to the smallest details as it visualises in your head?

Have you ever wondered of a unique gift you can order for someone to be touched and treasure it forever?

If you want to save a memory and place it on your wall in the purest natural shape and form... 

... then you are at the right place!

Georgi is here to help you realise your ideas. Check out his YouTube promotional leaflet:


Sending a good reference photo is a key requirement for the artist as a starting point. The image shouldn't be blurry and all objects must be in high resolution with visible little details so the artwork to be as accurate as possible. The advantage of an artwork over an image is that objects could be combined between several photos. Georgi is happy to discuss every possible scenario and advice in the process. 


There are several mediums that your commissioning could be performed on. Depending on the subject and interior of your place the artist offers a variety of wood materials in size and shape (from American Basswood to Poplar and Pine). Rag Paper is also a possibility. The artist is happy to discuss and advice your best medium option for the specific subject.


What I liked most about the experience working with Georgi is the collaboration between us. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he really knew exactly what I was trying to achieve and made it happen and the outcome was a fantastic artwork.

I highly recommend Georgi as a generous person filled with positivity (he is truly one of a kind)!

Bob Hotz

Michael and Michelle.jpg

I commissioned Georgi to undertake a recreation of one of my wife and I's favourite wedding photos. Needless to say we were overwhelmed with the outcome! The attention to detail and use of tools with burning effect is truly remarkable. This is one of the many incredible pieces of art I've witnessed him create and it's an honour to know that Georgi has provided this work of art for us!

Michael Hunter


Art is a poetry, that needs to be read! Poetry is an art that needs to be felt from the heart! Amazing talent! We are so grateful for the portrait you did for us!

Popovski family

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