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Georgi Dimitrov Georgiev 

Wildlife and Portrait Pyrography Artist

Deeply touched by the beauty of our wildlife, Georgi's work aims to engage the viewer and awake emotions by high quality, precision and uniqueness of the style of pyrography.

Growing up in the mountains of the small town of Etropole in Bulgaria, his artistic abilities didn't stay unnoticed by people around him at a very early stage of his life (around 5 years old). By the age of 10 Georgi was creating Christmas posters for the bank in town, participating in events by doing art decoration, Christmas cards and lots of art gifts for people he knew. At that time his passion and hunger for creativity caught the eye of Nikolay Georgiev - a well-respected landscape and portrait artist in Bulgaria who at that time led a community for teaching art. He invited Georgi in his community and he became one of his youngest members. After years of courses in his studio and out in the nature followed by several exhibitions in Etropole, they developed a special bond. He had opened Georgi's eyes for a brand new world with no boundaries for the talent the young artist was told to have been born with. Even at the time of big poverty in Georgi's family, when he was unable to cover the expenses of his art education, Nikolay took it as his own goal to craft his skills and support him not only as a mentor but as a friend too. Their relationship is still very strong until today.


Experimenting with different techniques and having basic knowledge of art Georgi found himself searching for the perfect style that best describes his nature. Once the artist improvised with burning wood, he was left fascinated by what the style gives him. It became his personal mission and a main tool to express his deep love and passion for the natural world. As Georgi is self-taught in pyrography, his work never stops evolving into more detailed and precise finish.


Currently based in the United Kingdom, oftentimes the artist finds himself involved with organisations aiming to raise an awareness of endangered species, human impact and protection of the natural world.

Georgi's motives are guided by the emotions provoked by what our eyes can see.
These emotions are forever sealed in his work and remain a memory for the ones to read it.


Invite nature in your home! 

Experience again emotions of a memory!

Give an original and authentic gift for a loved one!


The artist is always excited to deliver a personal customised piece of art that holds a special place in your world!

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